Let's Start Briteclick-ing!

Using Briteclick to search
Use your browser toolbar or select any text on the page and click the Briteclick icon.
Adding sites to your search
Simply click the '+' icon in your main navigation. This opens a new tab with our module directory with a list of websites.

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1) Find information without leaving your page
Briteclick search results are neatly organized in a sidebar or window next to your current page so you can stay focused on what you're doing and avoid multiple tab syndrome.
2) Select text and search instantly
Highlight text on any page and click the BC search button and BAM! Briteclick search results instantly appear. No more copying, pasting, and opening new tabs.
3) View content-rich search results
Who wants to click on a neverending list of blue links and sift through irrelevant web pages? Not us. Briteclick displays tailored content from your favorite websites right into your search results.
4) Access and search your favorite sites
Briteclick allows you to add sites and web services to your search giving you rich results and saving you time. Learn about all of the sites and services you can add to your search in our module gallery.